The Queens

DRAGGED (the films)




Known for her outrageous makeup and outfits and her spunky personality, Maddelynn has long been an institution in New York's circuit party club scene and has gained popularity as a model for fashion shows as well as photography. She herself works as a photographer as well as doing constant gigs in nightlife.



This queen is an institution in New York where her jello-shots and mini (or maxi) comedy routines are well known. Here she also hosts weekly shows and performs herself. Chaka is a fierce makeup artist and can create fantastic illusions with body paint.



Ivy was a big favorite on a previous season of RuPaul's Drag Race. A show that has become an institution in the drag community as well as a much loved show across America and beyond. The show is entering its 9th season soon and has never been more popular. Ivy is a true multi-colored artist, whose talents include stilt-walking, fire breathing, knife throwing and she is well known as an extremely creative costume maker for many other drag queens.



Bob is a well known New York drag queen where she has been booked solid for many years already. Besides fierce and funny lip-sync's combined with comedy and lengthy stand-up routines she travels the country and has also been very active in political and community related issues. Bob was also the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, season 8.



Cinnamon's impressive career spans more than 4 decades. She is a native from Baltimore where she performed in many clubs back in the days when drag was secret, even illegal. Several years later her own life took many turns and today she is active in fundraisers, benefits and raising awareness about many important issues gay people, drag queens and senior citizens face.



Hedda Lettuce debuted in 1991 on the Manhattan Cable TV show The Brenda and Glennda Show. She is one of the few drag queens who actually sings live using her voice instead of lip syncing. Lettuce's appearances include MTV, Comedy Central, The People's Court and a cameo on Sex and the City as Samantha's ex-beau turned Bingo Drag impersonator. Film appearances include To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar; Cruise Control; The Look; Red Lipstick, and Musical Chairs.



In 1976 at an audition for the rock group, The Tubes, Doris met fellow drag queen, Tippi, and they became roommates. In 1977 San Francisco gay leaders urged no drag on Gay Freedom Day. Doris and many other drags turned out in force. At a come-as-your-favorite-Fellini-character party in 1979 Mills met Miss X who wasn't yet serious about doing drag, but by the end of the year Doris Fish, Tippi and Miss X were performing as Sluts-A-Go-Go.

Throughout the 1980s Doris Fish was one of the most prominent drag queens in San Francisco. On stage, Doris Fish performed for over ten years in San Francisco with Miss X and Tippi as Sluts A-Go-Go. Sluts A-Go-Go performed in venues like Club 181 with shows such as Nightclub of the Living Dead, along with other performers such as Sandelle Hebert and Tommy Pace. In 1986, Doris and Tippi did a weekly cable news show about the gay community, although some viewers complained that Doris was a negative stereotype.

As a visual artist Doris painted hyper-realistic canvases depicting of drag queens, although her favorite subject was herself. Doris Fish was her own greatest work, her face and body receptacles for the paint and powder he used to create herself as a "Fucking Goddess". As she once said, "If I could, I would paint my eyeballs.

Her major legacy is the cult camp classic film Vegas In Space, which she co-wrote and starred in with Phillip Ford.



A few years ago, she fell face-first into a make-up table. The resulting brain damage and overuse of eye shadow set her life on a new trajectory. She will show up where you are and yell something hilarious and stupid at you WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. Ariel is here; get used to it.

She's the type to catch your eye. She's your new third-favorite drag queen. She's loud, she's cheap, she's gorgeous, and she's fresh out of fucks.



Di di is a relatively new queen but has already taken her native Copenhagen by storm. Her unique style of lipsync, grace and comedy was a big hit at the 2015 Copenhagen Pride parade as well as the "Queen Of The Night" competition in Denmark.