DRAGGED (the films)

DRAGGED is 3 full feature documentaris following the lives of several drag queens.


What makes a drag queen? What makes you choose this profession? What are the benefits and the rewards? And most of all – what does it mean to your personality to have this alter ego? Does it sometimes take over or does it help you become a better person? Is it sometimes too much? And then what? What was it like before ? What did reality TV and the fame of some drag queens do to others?


All this is what we have set out to explore. We are not putting much emphasis on the glamour, the parties and the shows but more about the people that live in this world and what it takes to be a part of it all.


It’s time for these films! Drag Queens fascinates many people. And especially in recent years with the success of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race there is a much greater need to find out just who these people are. Are they living works of art? Are they an entire entertainment system put into one person? And if so – how does one administer all this? Is drag acting? Does it happen off stage? There are many questions we feel we need to answer with these films. But most of all we want to give the general public a glimpse into the lives and heads of these extraordinary talented people who are often misunderstood, misjudged and certainly, have faced their share of discrimination and alienation – each and every one of them.


Christopher Birk

Director & Producer

Christopher Birk created this project. He is also the director and producer. He created his own production company, Alpha Tree Productions in 2011. They make films, shorts and features, web series and play readings. With DRAGGED they add documentaries to that list. They are independent and have been working out of New York City and Philadelphia since the beginning. Their hope is to bring even more films and plays out - all original, independent and with an emphasis on people. Check out www.alphatreeproductions.com for more info