DRAGGED (the films)



This is the official site for the 3 documentaries: "DRAGGED", "Spice Girl" and "A Queen For The People". This trilogy covers different aspects of drag, different careers, ages, styles and times - and it looks closer at what drag really is, what it means to people and what makes someone choose this career.

DRAGGED is completed and will have its world premiere at the Austin International Drag Festival on April 28th 2016 at the Holiday Inn in Austin, Texas. You'll also be able to catch the film at other film festivals throughout the year. Click here for more info.

DRAGGED covers the life and career of several drag queens, some just starting out in the field, others seasoned and experienced. We explore what drag is, according to different people, and some of the things in the past and the present that has made drag queens turn political and active in the community matters. We talk to the comedy queens, the club queens, the activists about their lives and goals and their differences as well as similarities and we take a closer look at what makes someone choose drag, how did it start and what are their different stories?


SPICE GIRL is about Baltimore drag queen "CInnamon St. Michaels". With a career spanning more than 40 years she has seen more than the average person, and certainly the average drag queen. THrough 60's and 70' when drag was illegal, through the AIDS scare of the 80's and 90's, her own struggles with health issues and view on what it was like back then. This is an intimate portrait of a life in drag through interviews with friends, family and through her own words. A truly magnificent life.


A QUEEN FOR THE PEOPLE tells the story of "Bob The Drag Queen" from New York City from the summer of 2015 through 2016. Her routines at the reguar events in New York, travles to other states and cities and the change in her popularity in 2016 after winning the popular TV show "RuPaul's Drag Race"